Cool Swag for New Grads

Maybe it's someone you love, or some rando u don’t rlly like but ur mom’s forcing you to buy something for, or it’s you who is graduating this month. Regardless! Celebrate this milestone with a heartfelt gift that nurtures the mind and bolsters the spirit, long after you’ve regretted entering “the real world.” 😭

FOR THE HUMANITIES GRADUATE (art, history, languages, literature, music, philosophy, religion, theater)

Now that you can read what you want, go ahead and pick up some gorgeous books. We like this custom subscription to McNally Editions—beautiful, timeless, and actually pretty strange novels from both under-sung and overpraised artists alike, and each cover looks unmistakably post-grad chic on main.

FOR THE SOCIAL SCIENCES GRADUATE (anthropology, education, geography, law, political science, psychology, sociology)

Ant colony. We already read thru too many reviews to not suggest an ant colony, but for anthro/poli-sci/psy/etc., this world-in-miniature is as fascinating as it is humbling. E. O. Wilson noted that ants “make up as much as a quarter of the biomass of all insects in the world. They are the principal predators. They're the cemetery workers.” Doom spiraling about human stupidity? Trust in ants.

FOR THE BUSINESS GRADUATE (accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing)

Skip the briefcase, go for the matcha set. Yes, your Kora editor prefers coffee (~6 cups before 10AM), but if you want to get into the influencing game—grind the green stuff. AD’s list features sets from $ to $$$ to holy $hit! so, skies the limit.

FOR THE APPLIED SCIENCES GRADUATE (Biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, geology, mathematics, physics, medicine)

When you’re neck deep in in numbers, this gift doubles as a reminder to eat and to play. Reconnect with the fundamental joys of discovery by engineering pasta into fanciful shapes and imposing structures. BONUS: Could be a great first date! Or a bad one!

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