Aug 05. 2022

Just Graduated? 3 Things To Do in Your Early 20s to Set Yourself Up For Financial Independence

College graduation is a huge mile marker—but sometimes it can seem like real life afterward isn’t what you thought it would be. (I know, shocking.) It’s a time to find a new ...

author: Kora

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Jul 27. 2022

What to Do With Your First Paycheck

Friday’s coming up and that means PAAAAAAAY🔥DAY🔥🔥🔥BAAAAAAYBEEE! (Not that I’ve been counting down since two Fridays back.) 

author: Kora

Jul 19. 2022

From the Founders: Back to Basics After Buying the Dip

From the Founders is Kora's ongoing series of reflections, advice, and roundtable discussions from our ...

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College News College Finances
Jul 15. 2022

3 Top Considerations for Choosing a Major that will Earn a Living

Choosing the right major has never been more important:

author: Kora

College News College Finances
Jul 06. 2022

Build Your Own Summer Course in Financial Literacy

Your bank account often reflects what you know about managing money rather than what you earn. The great news is that increasing your financial literacy has never been ...

author: Kora

College Finances
Jun 29. 2022

How Student Loans Affect Your Credit Score

Raise your hand if the financial world seems like it's constantly changing and it’s hard to keep up. [Raises hand.] [Thank you for your honesty.] [Nods.] Look: Federal rates ...

author: Kora

Jun 22. 2022

5 Mini-Vaycay Ideas that Won’t Leave U Broke on Your Summer Break

Summer is in full swing, and let’s face it—you’re probably already thinking u need a lil’ break from your break. But with interest rates up, inflation on the rise, and gas ...

author: Kora

Finance How-To College Finances
Jun 17. 2022

How to Study Abroad Without Going Broke

We get it: the allure of disappearing at the beginning of a semester only to reappear in ...

author: Kora

Finance How-To College Finances
Jun 08. 2022

How to Build Up Your Credit Score this Summer Break

You’re out of school,  and now you’re free to take a moment and look at your financial position. And if it’s time to get a car for a new job (or weekend road trips) or a ...

author: Kora

College News Finance How-To
Jun 01. 2022

5 Ways to Take Advantage of Your College Summer Break Without an Internship

Finals have wrapped up, and now you’re facing three months without classes and yet—the pressure of excelling in your off time remains as ...

author: Kora