May 25. 2022

5 Ways to Glow Up Your Finances this Summer

Aww snap 😎 Summer break is here, and on its billowing beach blanket you'll surely find chances to rest and recharge from the all-nighters/ragers/+ exam-induced panic attacks. ...

author: Kora

College News College Finances
May 18. 2022

Fin Bros vs. Fin Gorls: Why the gap?

The Financial Readiness Gender Gap Kora recently surveyed 700 college students across the ...

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Finance How-To College Finances
May 12. 2022

The #CryptoSummer Is Canceled (for now)

The collective "oof" you heard this morning? It was the sound of crypto skeptics opening Twitter to gawk over the virtual currencies' latest losses.

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College News
May 11. 2022

Cool Swag for New Grads

Maybe it's someone you love, or some rando u don’t rlly like but ur mom’s forcing you to buy something for, or it’s you who is graduating this month. Regardless! ...

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College News
May 04. 2022

The Great Debate: Paid vs. Unpaid Internships

“Internship” is probably one of the words you hear the most as the winter semester ends and your friends prepare for their summers. Internships are a great resume builder, help ...

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How to finance College Finances
Apr 27. 2022

10 Simple Steps to Better Financial Health for College Students

Stressed about making rent this month? Bummed that you’re always asking friends to cover for you on a night out? Feeling like you only call home when you’re in trouble?

author: Kora

Insider College News
Apr 20. 2022

3 Things You Need to Know About the Federal Rate Hike and Your College Life

You’ve probably seen the headlines announcing the recent increase in the federal rates, and you’ve also seen the rising cost of gas, food, and housing. But did you know that ...

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Cash back rewards
Apr 05. 2022

Kora Launches a Student Virtual Card with Cash Back Rewards Powered by Cardlytics

Kora Rewards by Cardlytics is the latest money-saving feature built right into the Kora app. Chicago, April 2022 ...

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Taxes College Student Taxes
Mar 16. 2022

Ultimate Guide to Taxes for College Students: 2022 Edition

April: the month for locking down that internship, acing final exams, and yeah, figuring out your taxes. 

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Get Cash How to finance
Feb 17. 2022

5 free apps with a referral bonus college students can use

Are you ready to be the trendsetter that your friends deserve? While you use the Kora app to help you own your finances, you can take advantage of apps that put cash and stocks ...

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