The Best Summer Jobs for College Students

Summer is a great time for college students to earn some extra money and gain valuable work experience. With many different summer jobs available, the key is to find one that fits your interests and needs. Here are a few ideas to consider:


If you love the sun and have excellent swimming skills, being a lifeguard might be an ideal choice. You'll stay active, and gain safety certifications like CPR that you can use on your resume. 

Camp Counselor

If you’re passionate about working with children and enjoy the great outdoors, being a camp counselor is an excellent choice. You’ll get to teach a class, sport, or lead activities, and the responsibility of watching over groups of campers is a valuable and transferable skill you can brag about in future interviews. 


Retail Sales Associate

If you prefer a more relaxed indoor environment (with AC), working as a retail associate could be a good fit. Many stores hire additional staff during the summer months, providing an opportunity to enhance your customer service skills, gain experience in managing inventory, potentially gain management experience, and enjoy an employee-discount on the goods you’re selling.


Tour Guide:

Are you passionate about your city's history, landmarks, or natural beauty? Consider becoming a tour guide! Sharing fascinating facts and stories with tourists while showcasing the best your locale has to offer can be an incredibly rewarding experience. This role will sharpen your public speaking skills and boost your confidence in engaging with diverse audiences.


Food service worker

Food service workers, like waitstaff, busers, and hosts, interact directly with customers and work as a part of a team. You can narrow your search depending on the hours you want to work (coffee shops for early birds, ice cream shops for afternoon and evening shifts, or traditionally restaurants for nights). As a bonus, most of these positions include tips you can walk away with at the end of your shift.



While not exactly a traditional summer job, internships offer a chance to gain hands-on experience in your field of interest. Whether it's in marketing, engineering, or any other industry, internships provide valuable insights and help build a strong professional network.


Dog Walker

This is an ideal job for animal lovers and offers a very flexible schedule. Apps and sites like Rover and Wag make it easy to match with dogs close to you who need walks while their owners are away at work or on vacation. 


Delivery Driver

If you have a car or bike and are looking for a job where you can make your own schedule, you can sign up as a driver with sites like Doordash, Uber, or Grubhub, or apply directly with local businesses. Similar to food service jobs, you’ll often walk away from your shift with tips.


Once you’ve decided what type of summer job suits your needs best, you’ll need to start officially applying and interviewing. Here are a few additional tips for starting that process:

  • Start your search early. The best summer jobs tend to fill up quickly, so it's important to start your search early.
  • Network with your friends, family, and professors. They may know of open positions that aren't advertised.
  • Use online job boards. There are many different online job boards that list summer jobs for college students.
  • Attend job fairs. Job fairs are a great way to meet potential employers and learn about open positions.
  • Be prepared to interview. When you're invited to interview for a summer job, be sure to dress professionally and be prepared to answer questions about your skills and experience.



Remember, the best summer job for you ultimately depends on your interests, skills, and career goals. So, take some time to reflect on what truly excites you and aligns with your aspirations. Regardless of which job you choose, embrace the summer and make the most of this time to reset, recharge, and make some extra cash before the school year starts.


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