Make the most of your college experience and stay safe

Going back to school this fall may look a little different, whether it's in person, through Zoom or a mix of both. It's important to still have fun while staying safe! Remember that everyone is in the same boat so don’t be afraid to reach out to friends and family in these unique times. Make sure to check-in with your school about their policies and protocol regularly to make sure you can focus on making the best out of your year!



Here are some ways to start:

Fun in the sun

Cheesy as it is, it's time to relive some of our childhood and get outdoors! Invite your friends to hang out on the grass with masks at a safe distance. Think of some activities to do ahead of time like a drive-in movie or, maybe plan a scavenger hunt. An easy way to do this is: Go for a run, note down interesting things you see and get your friends to find it on the same path later. Assign points, request pictures for proof and add your own item to the path for extra flair!

Let the games begin, online addition

Even though sitting on your laptop for school might seem annoying, mix it up by playing a game, watching a movie or following a painting tutorial through YouTube with your friends online! Check out a few ideas that filled the summer:

Netflix Party

Jackbox Games

Cards Against Humanity

Virtual Escape Rooms 

Trivia with Sporcle

Secret Santa

Don’t worry, you can do this before the holiday season! Use a secret gifter name generator to make sure everyone is paired with someone. Instead of holiday items, deck out sanitizer bottles and masks to give. You can even attempt making a meal for them that you drop off, to get some laughs on the Zoom call with the big reveal!

Tag you’re it!

Remember those email chains that brought you 7 years of good luck? We've got a fresh take on that concept. Whether it's a music file, word document or digital illustration, jump start the process by making a little contribution to the file. Then, send it along to friends and see what they think and allow them to add whatever they want. Hop on a Zoom call to see the finished product! If it’s slow going, try to add a prompt or simple instructions to keep things moving!

Though the year might look different remember there are some ways to still have fun and socialize while being super safe! If reaching out or organizing these activities seems weird at first, try to remind yourself that whoever you invite was honestly probably waiting to get invited to something fun!

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