10 Summer Activities for College Students on a Budget

Your summer 2020 might not have worked out as planned, so far. College students have shared in the challenges of this year, especially with tight budgets and cancelled jobs and internships. As social distancing guidelines ease a little, how can you relieve stress while staying safe and saving money? Here are some ways college students can have some fun without breaking the bank or social distancing rules.




1. Drive-In Theatre

If crowded clubs and concerts are closed, a drive-in movie could be a substitute night out. You can distance from groups in other cars and save some money and pack your own stash of snacks.




2. Camping

If you’re feeling cooped up after months of quarantine, camping makes the perfect activity for lots of fresh air. Plus, it’s relatively cheap if you’re looking for a full-fledged weekend getaway.




3. Rafting or Kayaking

Rafting and kayaking are perfect one-day-trip activities if your squad’s schedule is too busy for camping. Check out kayaking if you’re in for some action and rafting if you need some relaxation.




4. Picnic

We’re betting that you and your S.O. already binged Tiger King, Outer Banks, and pretty much the rest of Netflix over quarantine. A picnic can be a romantic or fun date without the cost or distancing at a restaurant.

5. Cookout

Social distancing and capacity limits might steer you away from eating out. Save some money by putting together a potluck-style cookout with friends. Try one of these mouthwatering recipes for apps and entrees, and don’t forget to assign someone to be the bartender!

6. Yoga

This spring and summer have been stressful, to say the least. Yoga or another form of exercise could be a great way to relieve some stress and do a little selfcare this summer.




7. Bonfire

Skip the hassle of planning and extra expenses with a casual bonfire. Make the night more interesting with a smores roasting contest or experimenting with these different treats.

8. Rollerblading

Rollerblading is back in style and a different way to get active while your local gym is closed. Get a friend to join in and catch you when you fall, or at least get the wipeout on camera for TikTok.

9. Gardening

Channel your green thumb and give gardening a try if you’re looking for a long-term hobby. It can be therapeutic, good for the environment, and a new source of cheap, fresh food.

10. Mini Golf

If you’re sick and tired of DIY projects and activities at home, mini golf is the perfect date or friends’ night out on the town while social distancing.




Summer is already flying by but you've still got plenty of time and plenty of social distance smart activities to fill the time.