Build Your Own Summer Course in Financial Literacy

Your bank account often reflects what you know about managing money rather than what you earn. The great news is that increasing your financial literacy has never been easier! 

Think of this as Kora encouraging you to make your own summer course in college finances—all part of the glow-up you need to start the next semester more empowered, responsible and closer to free from the everyday strain of worrying about money.

From a few minutes a day with your favorite TikToker to taking a deep dive in your special financial interest, you can improve your financial knowledge and maybe, with focus and determination, increase the lining in your account!

Follow MoneyTok

We all spend too much time on Tiktok (jk: I spend the exact right amount of time), so why not use a few minutes of your deep scroll to learn a few financial tricks? Top accounts to follow include:

Financial YouTubers for the Rising Generation

Alright, you've had some v tasty appetizers. Ready for longer-form content? Then try out some of these YouTubers with a special eye on young wealth and secret money-making hacks:

  • Graham Stephan: self-made millionaire by 26 years old, Stephan caters his content to the younger demographic to replicate his hard-earned wealth. 
  • The Financial Diet: This channel also caters to younger generations to promote a holistic, healthy approach to your finances. 
  • Wealth Hacker with Jeff Rose: Rose highlights hacks like investing and creating passive income streams to make your money work for you. 

Free Financial Tools and Education Apps

Apps provide both education and practical tools for running your finances. We recommend trying out:

  • Kora: [w00t] Our app includes banking services, cash back debit cards, budgeting tools, and more—all created specifically for college students, all for free.
  • Mint: Try this budget app for a comprehensive and live view of all your financial accounts and budgets. It’s free!
  • Credit Karma: This free app helps you stay on top of your credit score with helpful insights to improve your standing.

Freestyle Research by Topic

Want to dive deep into a specific topic, like REITs, 401ks, and high-yield savings accounts? Then use these reputable finance websites for clear explanations, links, and helpful advice.

At Kora, we know how hard it is to balance classes and navigate the changing world of money. Our blog breaks down big concepts, keeps you in the know, and helps you maximize your experiences and your money. Follow us to stay in the know!