How to Go Green on a College Budget

As college students it can feel like making a difference in fighting climate change is out of reach, especially on a budget. However, some of the simple changes can really help out on the larger scale as well as better your own lifestyle. We’ll clue you in to some of the easy ways to be more environmentally friendly on a budget!

1. You and your water bottle against the world

Keep your skin glowing by staying hydrated with a reusable water bottle. Make it your own by adding some dope stickers or drawing on it!

2. Thrift shop

Remember when Macklemore taught us about thrift shopping?! Find local thrift shops or organize a clothing exchange with friends. Dig for some vintage styles that are all the rage right now and give yourself a signature look that has friends asking, where you got that cool bucket hat!

3. Reusable grocery bags

Invest in some reusable bags that you can take to the store to carry your 3 a.m. snacks back home. Now that's called making a statement. Alternatively, ask for paper bags at the store that you can use to hold recyclables at home!

4. Power to the people

Consider buying a power strip with an ON/OFF button for your outlets. When you leave your dorm, turn it off to save power and you can finally charge your laptop in bed for when you’re watching Netflix instead of writing that paper. 

5. Go digital

Carrying around what feels like a hundred notebooks in your bag, just isn’t worth it. Get a tablet to make sure all your notes are paperless; easy to access and share! Your back, your friend who slept through the lecture, and the environment will thank you.

6. Receipts 

Ask the cashier if your receipt can be sent to you through email. Shops that use things like Square will be able to do that! Plus, having the information accessible digitally allows you to put it into your budget faster and ensure that you have your receipt to return that pool float you really didn’t need. 

The choice really doesn’t have to be treating yourself to dinner or donating to save the polar bears. By making simple switches like the ones above, you’re making a difference! Try to encourage your friends to do the same. Download the Kora app to help you make sure you’re crushing your game with budgeting so that you can focus on going greener!

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