How to Fight Zoom Fatigue in College

Passed out after an online class? You might have “zoom fatigue.”

Ever wondered why you’re so tired these days, even though your step count clearly only shows you went from your bed to your couch? Your online classes and meetings could feel more tiring than before because of a phenomenon called “zoom fatigue”. Though it existed before for many people relying on virtual meetings for their jobs, it's reached everyone considering the time we’re living in. Essentially, some of the reasons you might be more tired are, but not limited to: expending more energy on your facial expressions to show you’re engaged, having meetings at odd hours since most people are home, fighting anxiety about what's in the background of your room, and more. If this sounds like some of the things you’ve been feeling, let us help you out with ways to fight it!

Protect your calendar!
Even though it seems like everyone should be free all the time to video call, this isn't realistic. Make sure you take an honest look at your schedule and see if you have classes or meetings lined up back to back. Make sure to build in some breaks! Communicate with your professors or internship mentors and tell them certain times don't work for you and why. Ask if you can communicate over email, text or the phone instead. Maybe, propose a system between classmates of writing up notes to share!

Out with the old, in with the new
A change of scenery is super important during this time, but can be difficult to achieve.
Even moving from the dining room to the living room can feel like a fresh start, so don't hesitate to give it a try. If you’re often concerned about your brother walking in and out of your video or your mom running after the dog, here's a quick tutorial on how to make and change your zoom background. Consider even moving around the furniture in your room to give yourself that “new year, new me” feel.




Behind the screens
Try to rethink how much time you spend on screens in general. Between laptops, tablets, phones, smart watches it can feel impossible to get away, especially now. Aside from your essential meetings, try to step away for the rest. If you have an iOS device, set up Screen Time limits, here's how. Maybe buy some blue light glasses and make a practical fashion statement from your couch!

We get it, being connected all the time is rough so if you need some more advice on navigating this unique time, head to KoraU.

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