How to Start a Business in College

Don’t sit on that great idea, start your business now!

College is a great time to start a side hustle and explore your passions of starting a business. From selling art, to clothes or making your own app, the possibilities are endless. Find out more about getting started here. 




1. Dive into your school’s resources

Your school has a ton of great resources just for you, but it's your job to sniff them out! Take advantage of the free stuff your school offers you; wifi, printing, research materials, labs, online libraries etc. If your institution has a business school or startup center, feel free to send an email and ask what services they provide. Don’t forget about the writing center, if you have one, to create professional branding material or business pitches. 

“Play up being a student! From entrepreneurship centers to professors who are knowledgeable about various parts of your business, there are many different ways to get help for your business, so try to capitalize on them as much as possible while you can.”

Sarah Greisdorf, recent graduate of Boston University and founder of Holdette, a women's workwear brand with pockets. 

2. Find your team

College is an awesome time to meet a bunch of people with similar interests. Even people who would love to help out with your business. Creating a team is an important part of making sure you can balance having a successful business and prioritize your education! 

Join clubs that align with your business idea or chat with friends at the dining hall. If you’re away from campus, send out emails to people you’re taking classes with. Don’t forget to consider people outside of your major, graduate students or professors. Everyone has something to offer!

3. Take courses that support what you want to do

If you have the space for it in your semester, look at taking classes either with your college or through other online resources like this one, that help you further your business! Focus on taking ones that help you with areas that you are unfamiliar with or want to learn more about. 

4. Need funding?

Start with friends and family. Outline your ideas, and create a clear easy way to communicate why you need the funding. Express how the money will be used. 

“Think through the idea. If it’s a good product with a good message, people will buy!”

-Acacia Overstreet, student at UPenn’s Wharton School of Business and founder of Patisserie Acacia, a 5 week pop-up bakery supporting Indigenous Communities across the Nation




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