10 memes to help you survive finals

Finals suck. After filling up countless notebooks, pushing through zoom fatigue, and getting much too familiar with your keyboard, we’ve finally reached the promised land at the end of the semester. Here’s some memes to help you smile through the struggle.

1. Thanks, Satan

A meme that at the top says, "When the teacher wishes the class luck before a test." The image below is a GIF from Wreck-It Ralph looking at the devil and saying, thanks, Satan.

2. A worthy sacrifice

This meme is three separate images that are from the movie Shrek. At the top, the text says "Professors during finals week:" and then shows the lord saying, "Some of you may die, but it's a sacrifice I am willing to make."

3. The day before

The text of this meme says, "Me one day before the exams" and then shows an image of a man sitting in an apartment covered in papers and a total mess, reading a book.

4. Remember why you’re here

This meme was a tweet from @axpast that says, "am i finishing my degree or is my degree finishing me" with a photo from the Simpsons of Lisa in the fetal position on the ground with bloodshot eyes and a crazy smile.

5. Beginning to the end

This meme was a tweet from @_gabbyromero that says, "Finals week begins today" with a struggling face emoji. The image shows a picture of a horse that is very well drawn in the back and looks like a 5-year-old drew it in front. The back says, Start of Semester and the front says, End of Semester.

6. Procrastination

This meme says, "Ugh I have to finish the essay" and then "me whispering to myself while I do everything but the essay." The four images below it show stock photos of the same older man with an uncomfortable face holding a paint roller, eating cereal, working out on an exercise ball and holding a video game console.

7. Getting it done

The copy says, "When u read over ur research paper and realize nothing makes sense but ur almost done so u just keep going" and the image is a screengrab from the movie LifeSize showing Tyra Banks in a suit looking confused at a computer.

8. Priorities

The text says, "keep studying, you can sleep/cry after you get your degree" and shows kermit the frog's face being hold by a second kermit the frog with a black robe on.

9. You can do this!

The top of the meme says, How I feel when studying for finals. Then it shows a screen grab from Kel from Goodburger and he is saying, "Mmhm. Yeah. Mmhm. Oh yeah yeah yeah. I know some of these words."

10. Put the brain away, you’re done

The text says, "me after finals" and shows screengrabs from the show Spongebob of Squidward removing his brain from his head and throwing it in the trash can.

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